Past collaborations and Individual portfolios


The Enigma of 4am: an installation by Laurie Kaplowitz,Katha Seidman and Stacy Latt Savage

The Enigma of 4 am reflects the time just before dawn when we’re suspended between sleep and waking - a crucible, we believe, for the creative experience.  We aspire to remain in that place long enough to reveal the beauty, tragedy, and transcendence so often discovered here. 


Laurie Kaplowitz

Laurie Kaplowitz uses the figure to explore nature and existence. She is represented by Fresh Paint Art Associates in Culver City, CA. Her work has been exhibited in commercial galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco, as well as many museums such as the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, the New Bedford Art Museum, the Museum of Science (Boston), the Fitchburg Art Museum, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (NY), the Currier Gallery of Art (NH), the Katzen Arts Center (Washington, DC), and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (MA). Her commissioned work includes paintings for Princess Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The American Meteorological Society, and Kaiser Permanente.



Katha Seidman

In her artwork as well as her television design, Katha Seidman tells stories.  Growing up on the Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound, Seidman learned to appreciate the complexity of nature. When she was nine, her family lived in Ghana for four years.  During that time they travelled to twenty-three countries in Europe, Asia and West Africa.  In her television work she studies time periods that, like the foreign places she visited, expand her understanding of human narratives. While continuing to show her artwork, Seidman has received three Emmy Awards and four nominations for her production design.