KS: We finished installing our House on Friday, doing the final final touchups and creating a shot list for a video yesterday.  But ever since I could see the work in its place I’ve been trying to understand what we actually accomplished.  Not sure I can tell yet.  But I’m beginning to understand more about the narrative.  Which usually leads me to better grasp the meaning.

The narrative begins with domestic spaces. White-faced spectral figures look out from behind the wall over cloud-covered furniture.  A periphery of door and window frames separate those confined spaces from what I now think of as an arid courtyard.  Murals extend the space into a moon and sun-filled arena while spectral figures that intertwine natural materials with human forms twirl around.  And tucked into a “storage” corner, intimate offerings hold the connection between the home’s human inhabitants to its spirits. 

Which leads us to pose this question: what will remain of our domestic, cultural and artistic footprint 2000 years from now?